From Marin County to San Mateo, Los Angeles County, the cities of Lancaster, San Francisco, and San Jose, the path is clear and proven:   The quickest, most affordable means of achieving a 100% clean energy future is through creation of Community Choice Energy programs. 

Choice and competition are good.  The system of regulated monopoly utilities is outdated and slow to respond to smart energy use and decentralized generation.  An optimal replacement comes from a partnership – between “Community Choice,” where the people select the generation, and the utility that is still paid to operate the transmission wires efficiently. 

“Community Choice” is a simple but powerful option.  To learn more about Community Choice works click here.

SDED asserts that the current system of regulated monopoly utilities is no longer sufficient.  It is inflexible, expensive, and biased toward centralized generation.  We believe that customers deserve choices: choices that work better for all ratepayers. 

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