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DATE: Wednesday, November 18, 2020

TIME: 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (US and Canada)



Guillaume LeHec Presentation Slides

Marc Monbouqette Presentation Slides

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The Energy Futures Academy extends its thanks to the moderator and panelists:

Katherine Hamilton

Guillaume LeHec

Marc Monbouquette



California is the 5th largest economy in the world. Thus, it has large electrical demand and supply requirements. Those supplies and demands are representative of the modern, transforming grid: variable, increasingly decentralized and in need of new software controls between the System Operator and the myriad energy resources behind and in front of the meter.

Collectively, our organizations want to be clear about one factor that did not cause the rotating outage: California’s commitment to clean energy,” said the California System Operator, the Public Utilities Commission, and the Energy Commission to California Governor Newsom.

The August 2020 rolling blackouts within the control area of the California System Operator (CAISO) represent a challenge and opportunity for the Demand Response (DR) industry. This webinar hopes to unlock some of the solutions required in the short- and long-term to address these blackouts and improve grid stability.

Mass adoption of DR solutions requires improved interoperability with the grid operator, convenient end-user enrollment and incentives, legislative and regulatory reform, and an open communication layer between integrators, utility beneficiaries, and the grid operator.

For this webinar, moderator Katherine Hamilton, co-founder of 38 North Solutions and co-host of the Energy Gang Podcast, will discuss DR solutions with representatives from two industry leaders: Marc Monbouquette from Enel and Guillaume Lehec from ENGIE.

Katherine Hamilton, Moderator, Co-Founder of 38 North Solutions. Katherine Hamilton is Chair of 38 North Solutions, a consulting firm that provides business development and public policy services to innovative companies and organizations. In this role, Katherine has been listed on the #Solar100 board by kWh Analytics, and received a Cleanie Award as Entrepreneur of the Year. Katherine has led several councils of the World Economic Forum as a global policy and technology thought leader, and is currently Co-Chair of the Global Future Council on Clean Electrification. Katherine studied electrical engineering at Northern Virginia Community College and holds degrees from Cornell University and the Sorbonne. Katherine is part of The Energy Gang podcast through Greentech Media.

Marc Monbouquette, Panelist, Regulatory Affairs Manager at Enel North America. As Regulatory Affairs Manager for Enel North America, Marc Monbouquette leads the company’s policy engagements in California and the West. These pertain to Enel’s diverse business lines and technology offerings, including demand response, behind-the-meter solar + storage, EV charging solutions, and utility-scale renewable energy. Prior to joining Enel X, Marc spent more than five years as an analyst at the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). In this role, Marc managed the policymaking process for several California policy initiatives focused on integrating DERs into utility distribution planning and grid operations, including distribution resource planning, smart inverter standards development, and interconnection reform. Marc holds a Master’s Degree in Energy Policy and Economics from Duke University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology from Carleton College, and is a certified LEED Green Associate.goes here

Guillaume Lehec, Panelist, Directeur de Département & Intrapreneur at ENGIE. Since 2016, Guillaume Lehec has been developing new solutions to locally manage the energy to facilitate the development of decentralized renewable energy. Guillaume has been in ENGIE Group since 2001. He has worked in developing a CHP portfolio in France and in implementing energy efficiency offers regarding electricity appliances. During the opening of the electricity markets in 2007, Guillaume participated in the development of the regulation and operational process between market players enabling competition, the implementation of ENGIE’s internal processes, and in managing the supply of ENGIE’s electricity customers. As of 2011, Guillaume contributed to the market design for DSM in France and managed a team aimed at developing ENGIE’s Demand Side Management solutions.

Lane Sharman. Executive Director, San Diego Energy District. Lane will introduce the webinar, the sponsor, and the panelists. In 2011, Lane commenced the Community Choice Aggregation movement in San Diego leading to the formation of the first Community Choice Aggregation, the Solana Energy Alliance, which supplied in 2019-2020, 100% carbon-neutral energy content to the city of Solana Beach.

The San Diego Energy District
is pleased to sponsor this webinar and introduce our newest program.






San Diego Energy District has a Goal:

Transition all gas plants off natural gas by 2030.

Reimagine a gas plant as both a producer and consumer of local and distributed energy.

  • Consumes surplus energy on the grid from renewables.
  • Produces hydrogen gas on-site and stores it in high-density tanks.
  • Charges electric vehicles and commercial transport on-site.
  • Generates electricity from carbon-neutral gas such as hydrogen and bio-methane.
  • Distributes excess heat for reuse.

A reimagined power plant is fossil-fuel free.

FFREE is short for fossil-fuel free.

Join us in 2021 and beyond to build a regulatory and technical roadmap within the Energy Futures Academy of the San Diego Energy District.

In 2021, the Energy Futures Academy will articulate a future of power plants that transition from natural gas to alternative fuels such as hydrogen. Fossil Fuel Free is represented by our trade name, FFREE.

The Road To Clean Energy

Presentation on FFREE
as presented to the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce 2020 Green Connections Conference.

If you would like to learn more or enroll in the 2021 Energy Futures Academy program for fossil free power plants, please let us know here.





The San Diego Energy District is grateful to the following organizations who are finding solutions for global warming and helping to promote this webinar:

The Climate Center
UC San Diego Center for Energy Research
Clean Coalition
California Alliance for Community Energy
Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative




The San Diego Energy District thanks our Fellows for their assistance in organizing this webinar:

Shadi Ayoubi
Stephanie Chen
David Olmos