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SUPPORT Our Fellows

As the Deputy Executive Director at SDED I oversee fundraising campaigns, to get supporters and donors so we can spread awareness and educate the public. As a recent graduate from CETYS University, I am learning a lot about the current situation on energy in California and what it is we need to do to help fight climate change.

As you might know we are living a climate crisis, temperatures are rising, the ice caps are melting, droughts, water shortages, floods. Every day we see something new on the news and, to be honest, I get worried about what kind of world we are leaving behind for future generations or even my generation!

I am passionate about the environment and having a healthy planet. So far we only have one planet to live on and I plan on fighting to protect it.

Being a part of SDED is an awesome way to be a part of something that really makes a change. Education is a huge part of being part of the fight to end climate change, that means hosting events on new policies, writing letters to our local authorities and officials, supporting our fellows, and more.