Hi everyone!

Welcome to my page, as you can see, I am currently a fellow at San Diego Energy District, working as the Deputy Executive Director where I am learning a lot about the current situation on energy in California and what it is we need to do to help fight climate change.

As you might know we have an emergency in California and California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) alongside SDG&E and other California Investor-Owned Monopolies are working together to ruin Net Metering with a new rule, Net Metering 3.0. With this new rule, people who have solar panels will be charged a per panel charge, making solar energy extremely expensive, even more for lower class citizens, making it inaccessible to them now.

Now what am I doing to take part in this? As the Deputy Executive Director at SDED I oversee fundraising campaigns, to get supporters and donors so we can spread awareness and educate the public about all these unjust regulations. As an ultimate proposal, we want to have a ballot proposal that makes all energy commissioners elected and accountable by, for and to the people of California, as of right now they are appointed and that is something that needs to change.

Thank you for supporting me and SDED,

Isabella Bobadilla