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The Naked Power Grab

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) is preparing to reconsider the credit rooftop solar consumers receive for surplus energy they produce, and the ongoing battle between investor-owned monopolies and the solar industry goes on.

The monopolies have proposed a discriminatory new cost, the “Grid Benefit Charge”. For example, if you placed into service a one megawatt solar and energy storage system under their proposal, expect to pay $7,670 per month as your Grid Benefit Charge. 

The proposal is a complete outrage and proves the investor-owned monopolies must be broken up into small, distribution system operators – and, strongly regulated.

I’ve placed rooftop solar on two homes. I am not super wealthy either. It makes me feel good that I am doing well by the environment while avoiding the costs of new electric infrastructure. I think SDG&E should downsize in light of all the independent investment made in San Diego to produce local energy.

Michael Hetz

San Diego Energy District Creative Director, The Noodle Shop

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