There is one big problem the San Diego Energy District seeks to solve – removing greenhouse gases from electricity generation. Coal and gas still power the grid, and are still the go-to fuels for all our backup power generation. This persists despite the growing threat of climate disaster. And remember, electric generation represents one-third of all carbon emissions. That’s a big chunk. Our mission is to make the grid emission-free.

One of the most exciting breakthroughs is Green Hydrogen. It replaces “natural” gas used in power plants. This is a real game changer since Green Hydrogen can be brought online with relatively little infrastructure change and could be employed on a short time scale. And there is no shortage of hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe. Electrolysis is the production process for green hydrogen making the gas emission-free unlike hydrogen steam-reformed from methane.

From Marin County to San Mateo, Los Angeles County, the cities of Lancaster, San Francisco, San Jose and Solana Beach, the path is clear and proven: The quickest, most affordable means of achieving a 100% clean energy future is through Community Choice Energy programs. The Energy Choice Law allows progressive communities to choose competitively priced, emission-free electricity.

Choice and competition are good. The system of regulated monopoly utilities is outdated and slow to respond to innovation and decentralized generation.

It is inflexible, expensive, and biased toward centralized generation. We believe that customers deserve choices: choices that work better for all ratepayers.

To learn more about how Community Choice works click here. In 2011, the San Diego Energy District initiated the Community Choice Energy movement in San Diego.

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Events and Announcements

Green Hydrogen Webinar

Wednesday-Dec-9-12PM PST