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Center for Community Energy 

Virtual Conference:  February 12, 2021

Can V2G Alleviate the Duck Curve in California?

Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) 

The Center for Community Energy (CCE) plans to hold a virtual conference on February 12 2021, bringing together experts on the potential for putting the extra battery power in electric vehicles back onto the electric grid (Vehicle-to-Grid) in the evening.  This could significantly reduce or even alleviate the so-called “Duck Curve,” the surplus of solar power during the day and the shortage of renewable power during the evening, which greatly increases electric rates during those hours.  It could make it possible to stop using obsolete fossil fuel-powered electric plants in favor of existing cleaner and more efficient technologies.

The San Diego Energy District (SDED) will be a presenter at this conference.

For details go to Center for Community Energy February 12 2021 Virtual Conference on V2G.